Sugar Levy Statement

Sugar Levy Statement

Sugar Levy Statement

The levy on soft drinks comes into effect from 6 April 2018 on all soft drinks that contain over 5g of added sugar per 100ml.

From this date, manufacturers will either choose to absorb the cost of the levy themselves or pass it on to their customers. It is expected that manufacturers will not be able to pay the levy themselves without increasing the price of the drinks, and as such price increases are expected.

It’s unsustainable for our business to absorb price increases of this nature, so regrettably for any impacted products, we will have to pass this on to our customers.

The detail of what the new pricing will be has yet to be confirmed by our suppliers, so we are unable to confirm what any price increases may look like at this stage.

As part of the levy coming in and the growing move to healthier options, our supply partners have been working over the last year to bring in innovative new products that contain either low or no sugar so that they are available for customers, and they can have confidence that these alternatives will still meet consumer needs.

We have nutritional information available on all of our drinks, so customers can make the right choice.

We will share further information on the levy with customers as and when it becomes

More information about the levy:

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