Retro Rewards

IPP Members Can Earn 'Retro Rewards'

Retro Rewards is just that, a reward for being part of IPP. Our members are an essential part of our business and we want to show you that we value you.

Retro Rewards is not a point system, Retro Rewards is cash money paid to you at the end of a 12-month period enabling you to spend it on what matters most to you.

Our retro rewards scheme is a cash bonus awarded to members after they have completed 12 months’ worth of purchasing through our Food and Catering Equipment supply partner.

Retro Rewards enable our members to purchase updated or additional catering equipment, extra stock, fund a project, or anything else that can support them in their business.

When you become an IPP member purchasing Food or Catering Equipment through our supply partner you will have the opportunity to join our Retro Rewards scheme, if you hit the minimum net turnover you will be paid a cash bonus.

For more details about how retro rewards works please get in touch!

Retro Rewards are Subject to terms & conditions.

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