Retro Rewards Terms & Conditions

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Retro Rewards Terms & Conditions

By participating in the Retro Rewards program, you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions of use, which together with our privacy policy govern IPP’s relationship with you in relation to our Retro Rewards program. 


IPP/We/Us” means Independent Power Purchasing who’s registered office is 40 Oxford Road, Worthing, West Sussex, BN11 1UT, Company Registration No. 08689299 its related entities and its authorised representatives.

IPP Retro Rewards/Retro Rewards/Rewards Program” means the rewards program operated by IPP providing Members with access to Rewards in accordance with these Member Terms and Conditions.

Member Terms and Conditions” means these terms and conditions as amended from time to time.

Existing Member” means individuals/companies who are automatically signed up to the IPP Rewards Program from their first order prior to 01/01/20 and have met with criteria set out in the Tier 1 Rewards in their current or previous 12 month spend balance.

New Member” means individuals/companies who opt in to the IPP Rewards Program after 01/01/20.

Member” means either a New or Existing Member enrolled in to the IPP Rewards Program.

Opt-In” means those members invited to join the Rewards Program and have agreed to do so by completing an on-line form or stating their express wish to do so by email to the IPP Service team to (after 01/01/20).

Effective Date/Join Date” means the date a Member joins the IPP Retro Rewards (this will usually be the date of a members first order).

Member Emails” means emails that are sent from IPP to a Member including emails about the individual’s membership, the IPP Rewards, special offers, discounts, competitions and events.

Member Profile” means the personal details of the Member.

Rewards” means rewards or other benefits given to Members as a consequence of purchasing behaviours, incentives and/or promotions and includes Retro Rewards.

Anniversary” means 12 months from a Member’s Join Date and annually thereafter.

Membership Period” means 12 months from a members Join Date or Anniversary Date.

12 Month Spend Balance/Spend Balance” means a Member’s net cumulative spend (i.e. after all discounts, returns etc. have been applied) on Valid Purchases in the membership period. For example, a Member’s 12 month Spend Balance as at the period 1 April 2018 will be their cumulative spend on Valid Purchases during the period from 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018 at 23:59:59. Any transactions outside of the membership period will not be counted towards Retro rewards total. 12 Month Spend Balance is calculated in GBP.

Technical Issues” means the technical malfunction of any telephone network, connection or lines, computer on-line systems, servers, or providers, computer equipment, software, technical problems or traffic congestion on the internet or at any web site or intranet site.

Valid Purchases” means all net purchases against Foodservice and Catering Equipment made under IPP Terms. IPP determines what will not be eligible towards earning Rewards. Any purchases which are returned for a refund or remain unpaid will not constitute Valid Purchases.

Website” refers to the IPP website where details of the IPP Rewards Program (including the most up to date Terms and Conditions) can be found.

Supply Partner” refers to the supplier of goods and/or services that IPP have bespoke terms with.

Quarter” refers to one of the following dates 1st Jan to 31st March, 1st April to 30th June, 1st July to 30th September or 1st October to 31st December inclusive, the four quarters make one year.

IMT or UDM members” refers to pricing terms set by our supply partners.

Net” is the total amount of sales excluding promotional items and VAT if applicable


  • The Member Terms and Conditions document the operation of the IPP Rewards Program, the use of the IPP Membership, and any promotional activity and member transactions that arise as a consequence of the IPP Rewards.
  • Individuals and companies who join the IPP Rewards Program agree to be bound by these Member Terms and Conditions.
  • The Member Terms and Conditions may be modified at any time without prior notification by IPP in its absolute discretion. Any modification to the Member Terms and Conditions may be applied to a Member retrospectively.
  • IPP will not accept any liability for any Member Email that is misdirected, lost or not received.
  • IPP will not accept any liability for any Technical Issues that may cause damage to any computer related to or used in connection with the IPP Rewards Program.
  • IPP may collect personal information from Members for the purpose of facilitating the IPP Rewards Program. Personal information will be handled in accordance with IPPs Privacy Policy.
  • IPP reserve the right to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the IPP Rewards Program or any aspect of it or at its election, to pay-out any Rewards, reset Spend Balances, at any time and without notice. Without limitation to the foregoing rights, IPP reserve the right to transfer Members to such other loyalty or rewards program owned, operated, managed or administered by IPP.
  • IPP may, at any time and in its absolute discretion, require a Member to provide to IPP proof of identification (in a form requested by IPP) for IPP to verify the authenticity of a Member’s membership and compliance with the Member Terms and Conditions. Failure to provide proof of identification may result in termination of a Member’s involvement in the IPP Rewards Program.
  • IPP will not be liable for any tax liability incurred by a Member in connection with the IPP Rewards Program, including that incurred in the provision and/or utilisation of Rewards.
  • These Member Terms and Conditions are to be read in conjunction with any additional conditions associated with Rewards, including without limitation with the Website Terms and Conditions and other relevant IPP policies and or terms and conditions.
  • IPPs decision regarding all matters relating to the IPP Rewards Program is final and binding.
  • Any failure or delay by IPP in exercising its rights under these terms does not constitute a waiver of those rights. Any waiver by IPP must be in writing and signed by an authorised officer of IPP.
  • Nothing in these Member Terms & Conditions is intended to contravene any applicable law. To the extent that any provisions in these Member Terms and Conditions is invalid or unenforceable, it is to be read down so as to be valid and enforceable, and otherwise must be severed to the extent of any invalidity or unenforceability, without affecting the remaining provisions of these Member Terms & Conditions.


  • Membership of the IPP Rewards Program is open to individuals who are 18 years or older with a unique email address.
  • An individual becomes a Member as at the Join Date.
  • An individual is deemed to be a Member and joined when they sign up in opening a Foodservice or Catering Equipment account with our Supply Partner’s or use their IPP Membership during a transaction and/or earn Rewards and from 01/01/20 any New Member must have opted in to the Rewards scheme via our Email or On-line registration within 6 months of their signing up in opening a Foodservice or Catering Equipment account with our Supply Partner’s. Any Member qualifying before this date 01/01/20 will have automatically joined the Retro Reward Scheme and will not be required to re-apply.
  • If IPP has not invited you to Opt-In to the Rewards Program after this date it is because you have been set up on terms or a Supply Partner that do not participate in our Rewards Program, you may amend this by contacting IPP Service team on 01243 558076 Ext 236 or by email to so that you can opt-in.
  • Any IMT or UDM member will not be eligible to join the rewards program, membership to the rewards program can be granted upon a change in membership type. To find out your membership type or if you are eligible to join the retro rewards program please contact the IPP Services team via email
  • Email Registration may also be completed online by following the prompts from emails and our website.
  • Upon joining the of IPP Rewards Program, a Member will be allocated to an IPP Rewards Program tier of 1%. This will accrue from the first order date as falls within the join date but in order to qualify for payment the Member must spend a minimum of £30,000 net per annum for New Member’s from 01/01/20, Members prior to this date must spend a minimum of £12,000 net per annum.
  • At any time, Members may link separate units and account numbers under one “parent” account to the IPP Retro Rewards Program to calculate overall spend.
  • Members may not transfer their account or Rewards to another person or company.
  • IPP reserves the right to modify, refuse or terminate a Member’s account to the IPP Rewards Program without notice or reason and at its absolute discretion.
  • A Member may end their membership at any time by contacting IPP Service team on 01243 558076 Ext 236 or by email to

Earning Retro Rewards

  • The IPP Retro Rewards Program operates by attributing different Rewards (as nominated by IPP from time to time) to the IPP Rewards Program.
  • Retro Rewards are issued based on Valid Purchases made by Members across both Foodservice and Catering Equipment. For example, if a Member spends £50000 net on Foodservice and £3000 net on Catering Equipment on Valid Purchases in the membership period, their net spend will be combined to total £53000 net and they will receive Retro Rewards based upon that combined total.
  • Where a Valid Purchase is made, Retro Rewards will only be issued based on the price paid on the day the order is delivered to the Member.
  • Retro Rewards are loaded onto a Member’s IPP account approximately 14 days after the end of the quarter a Valid Purchase is made.
  • The currency in which Retro Rewards are earned will be in GBP.
  • At its sole discretion, IPP may update a Member account with a Reward as a consequence of a purchasing behaviour, incentive and/or promotional activities.
  • IPP reserves the right to withdraw, cancel or vary the Rewards without notice and at any time for any reason whatsoever in its absolute discretion including without limitation Rewards awarded in error or Rewards earned fraudulently.
  • If Membership is terminated from the IPP Rewards Program, all outstanding and future Rewards will no longer be valid and will be rendered null and void.
  • Membership is deemed to be terminated if a Member does not purchase from an IPP Supply Partner for a period of one quarter. A Member can Opt-In to the Reward program again by following the “opt-In” policy as if the Member were a “New Member”.
  • When a Member returns a purchase for a refund the net amount of the transaction will be deducted from the Member's Spend Balance and the Retro Reward that was previously awarded will be adjusted or reversed. This may result in the Member having a negative Spend Balance.
  • If an online order is cancelled, IPP may adjust or reverse Rewards that were previously awarded to a Member in that transaction.
  • Members can ask to view their Rewards per yearly quarter by sending an email to whereupon this requested will be acted upon within 14 days.

Tiers & Associated Rewards

  • Members are allocated to tiers on the basis of their Spend Balance in the following manner:
  • Tier 1: Existing Members whose Spend Balance is £12000(net) or more, New Members whose Spend Balance is £30,000(net) or more.
  • Tier 0: Existing Members whose Spend Balance is £11999(net) or less. New Members whose Spend Balance is £29,999(net) or less.
  • Members are eligible to receive the following Rewards based on their Tier:
  • Tier 1: 1% Retro Reward of net turnover
  • Tier 0: 0% Retro Reward
  • A Member may move at any time to a higher tier in the IPP Rewards Program when that Member’s Spend Balance qualifies them to move to the higher tier.
  • A Member may move at any time to a lower tier in the IPP Rewards Program when that Member’s Spend Balance no longer qualifies for the higher tier. The members spend balance will be reset to £0 at this time.
  • A Member will remain in their current tier until the end of the next membership Period unless the Member’s Spend Balance qualifies the Member to move to a higher tier before this date.
  • All Valid Purchases will contribute to a Member’s Spend Balance.
  • Existing Members must spend £12000 (net) and New Members must spend £30,000 (net) within the membership period on Valid Purchases after all discounts have been applied in order to receive the Retro Reward.
  • All non-redeemed Retro Rewards will expire 90 days after the members anniversary date.
  • Existing Members will not be eligible to receive Retro Rewards if they do not spend £12000 (net) and New Members will not be eligible to receive Retro Rewards if they do not spend £30,000 (net) within their membership period.

Redemption of Retro Rewards

  • Retro Rewards will only be paid on completion of the 12-month membership Period. If a member leaves the Retro Rewards Program before the membership period is completed any accumulated rewards will no longer be redeemable and the spend balance will be reset to £0.
  • Rewards can only be paid to a current member by way of Bank Transfer to their nominated Bank Account unless otherwise agreed by IPP.
  • The currency in which Rewards are redeemed will be GBP.
  • All Rewards have an expiry date of 90 days at which point they will no longer be available for redemption. IPP reserves the right to change the expiry date of any Reward at any time without notice.
  • IPP will not be held responsible or liable if Rewards are not able to be redeemed for whatever reason but specifically, in the case of a Technical Issue including without limitation the failure of software or hardware.
  • Rewards can only be redeemed once per membership period.
  • IPP reserves the right in its absolute discretion to exclude certain items and promotions from being redeemed by using Rewards.
  • IPP reserves the right in its absolute discretion to exclude certain items and promotions from being counted as “Valid Purchases”.

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